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Hitachi EPA6000 AirPurifier white


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  • Air Purifier Type – Room; Purification method – High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type
  • Allergen-free hepa filter h13 and heavy duty deodorizing filter
  • ECO mode: Saves 23 percent more energy compared to the silent mode
  • Quite silent mode 15db and 4 hours off timer
  • Humidifying function
  • Wattage: 60 watts
  • Includes: 1 Air Purifier, 1 Codeless Remote and 1 User Manual

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In stock


Allergy UK Awarded Filtration System

Hitachi’s Air Purifiers were awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval in recognition of their proven ability to reduce exposure to allergens.

  • Tested by Allergy UK (The British Allergy Foundation).
  • Tested with house dust mites and pollen.

Low Noise Operation

During the Silent airflow operation, the noise level is less than 15dB, so it won’t disturb you when sleeping.

  • Noise level differs depending on the model.

Heavy-Duty Deodorizing Filter

Catalytic Activated Carbon, Activated Carbon, Zeolite, Heavy-Duty Deodorizing Filter




Odor molecules are absorbed by nano-size micropores. This is particularly effective for removing nitrogen-based odors.

Activated Carbon

A special surface agent that improves absorption of odors. Absorbs a wide range of odors including nitrogen-based, aldehyde-based and acid-based odors.

Catalytic Activated Carbon


Absorbs odors while the catalyst oxidizes, in particular, sulfur-based odors to components with minimal smell. Effectively absorbs a wide range of odors.

Reduces the Seven Main Odor Components

Odors reduced include unpleasant room odors composed of the four main components*.


Ammonia (Pet odors, etc.), Trimethylamine (Smell of rotten fish, etc.)


Acetaldehyde (Smell of tobacco, etc.), Isovaleraldehyde (Smell of grilled meat, etc.)


Acetic Acid (Cooking smells, etc.), Isovaleric Acid (Body odors, smell of laundry drying indoors, etc.)


Methylmercaptan (Smell of rotten vegetables)

*Results of a deodorizing performance test performed in a 1㎥ test chamber with single odor components. Tested by Hitachi. Deodorizing performance differs depending on the space where the unit is actually used.

Reduces Formaldehyde (VOCs)

The results of a test performed by Hitachi conforming to the standard (HD-103) set by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association showed that in an approx. 10㎡ room, the initial formaldehyde concentration of 2ppm was reduced to 0.08ppm. The acceptable level of formaldehyde in a room in the guideline of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the advised level of WHO is 0.08ppm or lower.

Allergen-Free HEPA Filter

Allergen-Free HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter Dust
Collection Rate

*1At a rated airflow, collects 99.97% of minute 0.3µm particles. This is the performance of a single HEPA Filter according to JIS Z 8122. Overall room dust removal performance may differ.

Size Collectible by the HEPA Filter

Pollen, Mold, Bacteria, Virus Clusters*2, Single Viruses

*2Multiple viruses joined together by water or another substance.

Suppresses the Activity of Airborne Mold and Other Airborne Microbes

Captured Microbes, Testing Authority, Test Method, Test Results

*3Measurement of viral infection in drops of turbid medium produced by viruses after 24 hours.

99% of 0.1 to 2.5µm Particles Caught – Ready to Remove PM2.5 Particles

Not taking into consideration new particles from outside entering a room during ventilation or by some other means. PM2.5 refers to ultrafine particles smaller than 2.5µm. The removal of particles smaller than 0.1µm has not been verified. In addition, not all harmful substances in the air can be removed. This is the effect in a sealed 32㎥ space, not the effect in an actual living space.


Two selectable modes provide the desired level of humidity.

50% Humidity

Humidifying Mode

This humidifies clean air to increase the humidity in a room to about 50%. And it can be used in combination with the deodorizing course.

60% Humidity

Skin Moisturizing Mode

Room humidity can be increased up to about 60%*. This helps keep your skin moist in the dry season and when using air conditioning.

*Humidifying capability may change due to temperature, humidity and other conditions.

  • The effect differs between individuals. It also differs depending on the season, room temperature and other conditions.

Appliance Types

Air Purifier

Body Color White
Power Supply AC220 / 240V 50-60Hz
Applicable Floor Space (m2)*1 46
Humidifying Capacity (mL/h)*2 Approx. 670
Tank Capacity (L) Approx. 2.5
Mode & Course Air Purify, Humidify, Skin Moist, Pollen, Odor, Rapid, Absence, Eco
Eco Mode (Efficiency vs Silent mode (%) 23
Removable Odors Pet, Tobacco, Cooking, Rotten vegetables, Rotten fish, Grilled meat, Toilet, Sewage outlet, VOCs
Suppressible Substances Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Cedar pollen, Dead house dust mite
Air Flow Rate Max, High, Medium, Silent
Air Flow Clean Air Mode (m3/min) : Max : 6.5, High : 4.5, Medium : 3.5, Silent : 1.0

Clean Air & Humidifying (m3/min) : Max : 6.0, High : 3.5, Medium : 2.9, Silent : 0.8

Sound Clean Air Mode (dB) : Max : 52, High : 42, Medium : 38, Silent : 15

Clean Air & Humidifying (dB) : Max : 50, High : 40, Medium : 36, Silent : 13

Filter Type (Approx. filter life) Washable Prefilter*3

Allergen-free HEPA Filter*3 : H13 (8 years)

Heavy Duty Deodorizing Filter *3 : (10 years)

Humidifying Filter*4 : (36 months)

Off Timer 4 hours
Sensors Odor, Humidity
Power cord (m) 1.8
Dimensions (H x W x D ) (mm) 584 x 430 x 273
Weight (kg) 10.0
Power Consumption Clean Air Mode (W) : Max : 60, High : 22, Medium : 14, Silent : 4

Clean Air & Humidifying (W) : Max : 60, High : 16, Medium : 11, Silent : 4