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DMS XXXL 12 Litre Hot Air Fryer


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  • Capacity: 12 liters.
  • 1-60 minutes. of cooking time.
  • Adjustable cooking heat from 50°C to 200°C.
  • Digital display and 9 preset programs.
  • High-speed air circulation technology.
  • 1-meter visible cable length.
  • Polypropylene body (casing).
  • Insert and pot with non-stick coating.
  • Stainless steel heating element.
  • Internal thermal fuse.
  • Isolated handle and housing.
  • Safety microswitch.
  • Non-slip stand.

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Product Description

  • With our DMS XXXL hot air fryer, you do without excess fat and oil when preparing food.
  • Thanks to the innovative and creative technology, your food is prepared in a hot air flow with an optimal taste experience.
  • The advantage of our oven compared to the ordinary convection ovens lies in the effective cooking chamber, which reaches the desired operating temperature in record time and thus speeds up the cooking process.
  • Our digital and fat-free fryer can be used in a variety of ways in your kitchen.
  • You will receive a 1800 watt kitchen utensil that allows you to easily prepare fish, meat, vegetables and desserts through the various programs.
  • Our DMS XXXL hot air fryer will save you work in the kitchen and is therefore the perfect kitchen aid.
  • The intelligent safety feature allows you to remove the frying basket for control during the cooking process.
  • No damage is caused and the frying process is automatically resumed as soon as the frying basket is inserted again by you.
  • Versatile functions: our DMS XXL hot air fryer with a capacity of 12 liters is ideal for defrosting, baking, roasting, dehydrating, frying, grilling, and keeping warm. This versatile kitchen tool helps you prepare a variety of dishes, such as fish, meat, vegetables, or even desserts.
  • Healthy and delicious, the DMS XXXL hot air fryer allows low-fat cooking that helps you eat healthier but still guarantees an outstanding taste experience.
  • Innovative and creative: our oven completely eliminates oil and grease. The food is prepared in a hot airflow, in an effective cooking chamber, and in record time. Our DMS XXXL hot air fryer thus reaches the desired operating temperature significantly faster than an ordinary oven.
  • Easy to use: the DMS XXXL hot air fryer can be operated easily and easily thanks to 9 pre-installed programs for preparing meat, fish, vegetables, and desserts. Thanks to the heat-resistant pane, you always have an overview.
  • Environmentally friendly: our kitchen appliance works efficiently and energy saving thanks to the 9 pre-installed programs. This means that you not only protect the environment but also your wallet. In addition, you can adjust the cooking time via the digital display.


Appliance Types

Brand ‎DMS
Model Number ‎HF-12
Colour ‎Black
Capacity ‎12 liters
Cooking Time 1-60 minutes
Cooking Heat 50°C to 200°C
Digital display Yes
Body Polypropylene body (casing)
Heating Element Stainless steel
Safety microswitch Yes
Non-slip stand Yes