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Bosch TIS65621GB Fully automatic coffee machine Vero Barista 600


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  • ComfortDisplay: Coffee and milk specialities simply prepared by touching the sensor fields.
  • AutoMilk Clean: Automatic steam cleaning after every beverage for a properly cleaned milk system.
  • OneTouch DoubleCup: Your choice of espresso or milk drinks with a click – even two cups at once.
  • Ultimate comfort: Early warning – from an low water tank signal to an insulated milk container.
  • Intelligent heater inside: The SensoFlow System guarantees the right temperature and best aroma.

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Automatic cleaning of the milk system for perfect hygiene.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning the milk system each day. Fully automatically, AutoMilk Clean steam-cleans the system, keeping it clean and hygienic. By thoroughly cleaning the milk system after each drink, it saves you from having to do it every day.

Two cups simultaneously if you want.

No more waiting in the morning to make two drinks back to back. The Bosch fully automatic espresso machine can brew two drinks at once, with a click. Just choose your favourite drink – espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Extra strong coffee with less bitterness.

The more water passes through ground coffee, the more bitter the result. AromaDouble Shot grinds and brews extra strong coffee in two steps — and as only half the water is used at each step, the coffee produced is less bitter. So you can enjoy maximum flavour — even when drinking coffee at maximum strength.

Optimal brewing temperature for full-bodied aroma.

Delicious taste comes from the right brewing temperature. Bosch fully automatic espresso machines make full-bodied beverages each time thanks to an intelligent heater inside. The special SensoFlow System ensures the perfect brewing temperature.

Individual coffee creation at the touch of a button.

You always want to get your preferred coffee? You can save your individual preferences for coffee and milk specialties. Simply select and save the desired coffee strength, cup size, temperature and milk quantity. Select your personal settings any time at the touch of the button.


  • Coffee variety at the touch of a button: Espresso, Espresso macchiato, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Caffé Latte. Quick and convenient.
  • Additional coffee specialties for the outstanding moment: Americano, Flat White, Café cortado.
  • AromaDouble Shot: Extra-strong coffee with less bitterness thanks to two grinding and brewing processes
  • Beverage temperature adjustable individually: coffee 3 levels
  • Suitable for BRITA Intenza water filter: Reduces the lime content of water and filters substances affecting smell and taste


  • CoffeeComfort Display: Aromatic coffee and milk specialities can be selected and prepared by simply touching the sensor fields
  • Favorites: Save up to 4 personalised beverages
  • IndividualCup Volume: Cup sizes adjustable individually, to ensure your cup gets filled just as far as you would like it to
  • Adjustable mixing ratio of milk and espresso for all beverages
  • Coffee outlet and milk frotherheight-adjustable: Up to 14 cm high Latte Macchiato glasses fit underneath
  • Get two cups of any coffee or milk speciality at the touch of a button with oneTouch DoubleCup.
  • Water tank removable for easy refilling (1.7 l volume)
  • Early warning if water tank almost empty
  • Flexible milk solution: Decide for yourself if you prefer connecting the provided milk container or using any other container, e.g. a milk carton
  • Short user manual always at hand inside appliance


  • CeramDrive: High-quality grinder made of wear-resistant ceramic
  • All coffee and milk beverages are prepared at the touch of a button with the oneTouch Function.
  • In addition to beverages also available separately: milk foam, warm milk, hot water
  • Reduced heat-up time: Fast first cup
  • Water pump with 19 bar pressure
  • Separate chute for ground coffee, e.g. caffeine-free coffee
  • ZeroEnergy Auto-Off: Automatic disconnection from the mains after preset time


  • Removable brewing unit: Easy and hygienic cleaning under running water
  • Automatic rinsing program when switching off, switching on
  • Automatic steam cleaning after every drink with autoMilk Clean.
  • Milk frother removable and dishwasher-proof
  • Drip tray and coffee grounds container removable and dishwasher-proof
  • Calc’nClean: Automatic cleaning and descaling programme
  • Reminds in time of descaling and cleaning


  • Insulatedmilk container with FreshLock lid (0.5 l volume)
  • Bean container with aroma protection lid (300 g volume)
  • Grinding fineness adjustable (multi-level)
  • Display language selectable
  • Child safety lock: Unintended brewing process not possible
  • Storage compartment for power cord (1 m)
  • Wattage: 1500 W



Appliance Types

Connected appliances with Home Connect Fully Automatic Espresso Maker
Rotating appliance No
Tank design Integrated, Removable, Suitable for Brita water filter, Transparent
Connection rating 1,500 W
Voltage 220-240 V
Net Weight 9.848 kg
Dimensions 385 x 281 x 468 mm
Number of cups of espresso/cappuccino 1-2
Plug type GB plug
Included accessories 1 x scoop, 1 x test strip, 1 x connection hose for milk frother, 1 x milk pipe, 1 x insulated milk container with fresh-lock